The trading market is an extremely difficult one in which to work. It is highly competitive and extremely volatile. The industry is also very fast-pace. It is constantly in motion being a 24-hour market with trades made constantly. In order to trade efficiently and immerse yourself effectively you must be aware of the evolving patterns and trends, such as online internet trading. Yet, before you begin all this, you must understand the basics of online trading.

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged into your SmarterMail account.

Select the Actions menu dropdown and then click on New Folder.

Select and enter a folder name.

Click the Save button.

Select and right-click the Building Project folder.

Select New Folder

By default the Building Project will be the selected parent folder. Enter your new folder name, this will be a sub-folder of the Building Project folder.

Click on the Save button.

Our Building Project folder now displays a + sign designating a sub-folder. Click the + sign to expand the view and display our sub-folder.

You now know how to create new folders in SmarterMail.